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Family owned and operated in the heart of Albania, our essential oil operations start from sustainably cultivated seedlings and plants and end with bottling pure and natural oils at our state of the art facilities.

We broke ground on our first distillery in the hills outside Tirana in 2010 and soon after we distilled our first batch of lavender. Since then, we have partnered with over 300 farmers throughout Albania to grow and wild harvest eight Mediterranean plants destined for our team to distill into beautiful essential oils.

We pride ourselves on being fully transparent in our sourcing and distillation in that we can trace our oils to the farmer and field.

We walk the land, we meet the growers, we participate in the communities, we are passionate about building our business through long lasting partnerships that build the whole essential oil supply chain.

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Together we have learned to harness the essence of our locally grown plants. We literally went to the experts that wrote the book on essential oil distilling in Albania and continuously work to expand and improve our processes. Honestly, though, the quality of herb makes all the difference.

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